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Feasibility study to assess the possibilities, opportunities and needs to standardise national legislation on violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence

On behalf of the European Commission a team with Carol Hagemann-White, Liz Kelly, Thomas Meysen and Renée Römkens as lead researchers carried out a feasibility study to map national legislation on violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence in all 27 EU-Countries. The findings were analyzed and recommendations for both EU and national policies developed with a view to the increased harmonization. The study has been published in print and online.  

The annexes contain a comprehensive country by country matrix that sums up the most important findings in legislation for all the forms of violence, a table with existing minimum standards supplemented by revised or new proposed standards and a glossary. 

A working group led by Carol Hagemann-White reviewed the research on the factors at play in perpetration for the different forms of violence against women, against children and sexual orientation violence. The group, wrote a comprehensive literature review and developed an innovative, interactive visual model showing how different factors and their interplay increase the likelihood of perpetrating violence, and how prevention and intervention can interrupt this process. The model can be found on a CD appended to the printed report and online as well. Its purpose is to show the complexity of research and make it comprehensible at the same time. In addition it shows multiple paths to perpetration for the most frequent forms of violence and illustrates the meaning and function of prevention and intervention, which can stimulate thinking about new measures to prevent and combat violence. 

The feasibility study and the perpetration model are available in German, English and French and can be downloaded here

The english model can also be used online.



Ravi K. Thiara Stephanie A. Condon Monika Schröttle (eds.) (2011): Violence against Women and Ethnicity: Commonalities and Differences across Europe, Barbara Budrich

This book draws together both: theory and practice on minority/migrant women and gendered violence. The interplay of gender, ethnicity, religion, class, generation and sexuality in shaping the lives, experiences and choices of minority/migrant women affected by violence has not always been adequately theorised within much of the existing  writing on violence against women. Feminist theory, especially the insights provided by the concept of intersectionality, are central to the editors’ conceptual frameworks. (see also here)



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