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Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations

The Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations (CAHRV) addresses human rights violations in the context of interpersonal relationships.
Major goals of the project are to integrate parallel research discourses on violence; unify the theoretical and empirical basis for policy; stimulate new, interdisciplinary and transnational research; and support practitioners, policy-makers, and scientists by facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and expertise.
CAHRV is a collaborative effort of research institutions, policy networks, and individual researchers. Four central thematic areas are:



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February 2012

Working together in CAHRV continued to produce an important edited volume on violence against women in migration, published simultaneously in English and German, see Thiara, Schröttle, Condon  under publications

January 2012

On behalf of the European Commission a team with Carol Hagemann-White, Liz Kelly, Thomas Meysen and Renée Römkens as lead researchers carried out a feasibility study to map national legislation on violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence in all 27 EU-Countries. For more information see "Publications".