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Opening Conference of the Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations (CAHRV)* "Human Rights and Health in a Gender Perspective"

Friday, 24th September 2004

9:15 Welcome
Prof. Dr. Rainer Künzel, President, University of Osnabrueck

9:30 Health impact of violence: Struggling to demonstrate the obvious
Patrizia Romito (PhD), University of Trieste

10:15 Child maltreatment as a gendered human rights violation: The evidence base
Prof. Corinne May-Chahal, University of Lancaster

11:00 Coffee Break

11:45 Gendered practice and masculinity in EU accession countries
Prof. Irina Novikova, University of Latvia

12:30 Towards good practices and evaluation addressing domestic violence in the health system
Daniela Gloor, Hanna Meier, Social Insight

1:15 Lunch

3:00 General assembly of CAHRV Consortium

8:00 Gala Dinnner
Hotel Walhalla

Saturday, 25th September 2004

Parallel sessions of the four sub-networks with introductory presentations (10:00 - 10:30) by the co-ordinator of each sub-network - time to discuss goals and plan the work in detail

Sub-network 1: Identifying and profiling victimisation
10:00 "Violence as cause of victim's health problems: cost for society and its role in the prevention"
Prof. Manuela Martinez, University of Valencia, Co-ordinator of SN 1

Sub-network 2: The roots of inter-personal violence: gendered practices, social exclusion and violation
10:00 "Moving forward on comparative critical studies of men: a group discussion"
Prof. Keith Pringle, Aalborg University, Co-ordinator of SN 2 et. al.

Sub-network 3: Addressing human rights violations
10:00 "Evaluating policing in cooperation with feminist advocacy"
Prof. Jalna Hanmer, University of Sunderland, Co-ordinator of SN 3

Sub-network 4: Protective environmental factors securing human rights
10:00 "Developing human rights - Changes in men's lives as a key link?"
Dr. Ralf Puchert, Dissens e.V., Co-ordinator of SN 4, Dr. Oeystein G. Holter, The Work Research Institute, Oslo

10:30 Time to discuss goals, methods and working plan in each sub-network (coffee-break incl.)

1:00 Lunch

2:30 Continuation of sub-network meetings

4:30 Coffee break

5:00 Plenary session: Cross-cutting activities for all sub-networks - plans and perspectives

6:00 End of conference

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